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Wisdom factory

Wisdom Factory Features

"Intelligent factory" development, is a new direction for the development of intelligent industry. Features reflected in the production of production:

1, the system has the ability to own: to collect and understand the outside world and their own information, and to analyze and plan their own behavior.
2, the overall visual technology practice: combined with signal processing, reasoning and prediction, simulation and multimedia technology, real-world expansion will show real-life design and manufacturing process.
3, coordination, reorganization and expansion of characteristics: the system can bear the task of each group can be based on their own composition of the best system structure. 4, self-learning and maintenance capabilities: through the system self-learning capabilities in the manufacturing process to implement the database added, updated, and automatically perform fault diagnosis, and have troubleshooting and maintenance, or notification of the implementation of the system capacity. 5, the coexistence of human-computer systems: man-machine coordination between the cooperation with each other, complement each other at different levels.

Advantages of the Smart Factory Solution at

Through the Dan Bach smart card, access to all aspects of plant equipment, real-time data, seamless docking MES, ERP and other management systems, so that the factory from the procurement, production, sales and other aspects of horizontal and vertical integration. Enables people, people and machines, machines and machines and services and services to be interconnected between, in order to achieve horizontal, vertical and point to point highly integrated. The factory environment and equipment to implement a comprehensive monitoring to enable enterprises to adapt to multi-product flexible production, and ultimately to achieve the purpose of machine production machinery.

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