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Palletizing robot

Introduction to palletizing robots

Robot palletizing can be roughly divided into box palletizing, woven bag palletizing, blocky palletizing three. A, box palletizing: for a variety of general types of packaging box palletizing. B, woven bag palletizing: for fertilizer, feed, flour and other types of woven bags of palletizing. C, block palletizing: used for a variety of building blocks with the stacking.

Characteristics of palletizing robots

1, the structure is simple, fewer parts. So parts of the failure rate is low, reliable performance, maintenance and repair is simple, less inventory required parts.
2, small footprint. Is conducive to the customer plant in the layout of the production line, and set aside a large warehouse area. Palletizing robot can be set in a narrow space, can be effectively used.
3, palletizing robots applicability. When the customer's product size, size, shape and shape of the tray changes only slightly changes in the touch screen can be, will not affect the customer's normal production. The mechanical palletizing machine to change a considerable trouble even can not be achieved.
4, low energy consumption. Usually the mechanical stacker power in 26KW or so, while the power of the palletizing robot is about 5KW. Greatly reducing the customer's operating costs.
5, all control can be operated on the control cabinet screen, the operation is very simple.
6, just locate the starting point and placed points, teaching methods easy to understand.

Advantages of the Danbach Robot Palletizing System

In addition to the shortcomings of the above-mentioned mechanical short-circuited machines, there are disadvantages such as poor versatility, complex mechanism and high power consumption. B.

Danbach design configuration of the robot stacking production system to highlight the energy efficiency, simple operation and the optimal cost-effective widely used in all walks of life. Excellent system integration capabilities, integrated handle and other peripheral equipment design and manufacturing, from the design of the solution to the installation and commissioning and training, to provide a full range of turnkey projects. For more information, please contact the hotline: 0791-88133135


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