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Introduction of stacker

Roadway type stacker is the main equipment of automatic warehouse. It is an important component of the rapid development of modern warehousing logistics system. It has the advantages of saving floor space and manpower, quick and accurate operation, improving the efficiency of sending and receiving, and reducing the cost of storage and transportation. Usually with the host computer on-line after the composition of automated warehousing and logistics system. Is to connect the production, sales and management of an important part.

Stacker parameters

Applicable Pallet Size (Cargo) General
Rated load capacity 3000 kg
height 3 to 22 mH
Speed ​​specification standard high speed
Running (MAX speed) 160m / min (inverter stepless speed regulation) 200m / min (frequency changer does not have the gradation)
Lift (MAX speed) 40m / min (inverter stepless speed regulation) 50m / min (inverter stepless speed regulation)
Fork (MAX speed) 40m / min (inverter stepless speed regulation)
Use the power supply Phase AC 380V ± 10% 50Hz ± 2%
control method Onboard control cabinet control / computer control
positioning accuracy Traveling address: laser ranging recognition address accuracy ± 4mm
Lifting address: laser ranging recognition address accuracy ± 4mm
Extension: Rotary encoder address accuracy ± 4mm
Signal transmission mode Optical transmission / wireless transmission
Stacker color Narui standard color or customer provided
Narui standard color or customer provided
Safety ladder (white) or customer supplied

I produced the stacker to introduce advanced foreign technology to the pursuit of high-speed, stability and strong as the goal, there are two kinds of chain and rope traction form, a double column and a single column two structural methods to meet the needs of different characteristics of the project .

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