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Automatic lifting the AGV

Introduction of AGV

IKV design automatic lifting AGV body has a mechanical anti-collision body on both sides to enhance the safety of four-way driving; by the AGV body control scissor lift at the time of discharge and different height of cloth cutting machine docking automatic discharge work.

Automatic lifting AGV advantage

Automatic AGV is used to transport materials to the specified splice platform, and has a lateral movement function to meet the narrow spacing of space, compact space, the general AGV can not be a good docking environment, while scissor lift Taiwan for different sites can achieve different heights of automatic docking, and through the platform of the drum material can be automatically transported.

Automatic lifting AGV parameters

product name Automatic lifting AGV
AGV body size 800 * 500 * 250mm
 Load form Scissor lifts
Lift form Electric hydraulic type
Lifting stroke Off the ground 450mm-950mm
  Product Size  800 * 500 * 250mm
  Guidance Magnetic stripe guidance
Walking direction Bidirectional automatic
Bifurcation Support 3 branch road automatic selection
Site identification Industrial RFID, number ID form
Function identification Industrial RFID, can be realized to stop, accelerate, slow down, wait, path selection
Display Industrial color display, 4.5-inch -11 inch (optional)
control method Automatic operation, manual operation (wired / wireless)
Software support Windows client, mobile client, car display
Load form The top lift, with a rotating table
Life time ± 10 mm
Way of working 8 hours or more
Secondary development Support, open the relevant hardware and software interface

AGV car manufacturers introduced

IKV provides customers with first-class unmanned vehicles, logistics vehicles, trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks, AGV, automatic motion platform, intelligent robot, matching for enterprise tailor-made logistics scheduling software, comprehensively enhance the factory automation logistics efficiency and corporate image.

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