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Reversible drum AGV car

Introduction of AGV of double - direction drum

Two-way roller AGV car used in the production line of raw materials distribution and semi-finished products, the transport of finished products; in industrial production can replace some monotonous, frequent and repeated long-term operation or dangerous, harsh environments; As a movable assembly station, the processing station is used. They can operate independently and independently, and can be assembled in an accurate and orderly manner, so as to form a production line with no physical cut-off but dynamic adjustment function and high flexibility.

Two - way roller AGV scene display

Advantages of Bidirectional Drum AGV

Two-way drum AGV research and development of the original intention: to enhance the level of factory logistics automation, make work easy and pleasant. To solve the problem for customers: 1, in the long-distance transport process to reduce the conveyor belt equipment; 2, can not use the forklift of the operation of the workshop to achieve overweight material transport needs.

Bidirectional drum AGV parameters

Body models Bidirectional drum type
physical dimension L800 * W500 * H500 (mm)
control method PLC / AGV motion control chip (optional)
Navigation mode Magnetic Strip Guidance / Photoelectric Guidance / Laser Guidance (optional)
Walking direction Forward and backward, left and right turn, bifurcation
Communication function Wireless LAN (optional)
Drive mode Differential drive
Drive power supply DC24V, DC48V
Drive the lift mode Manual lift / electric lift
Load capacity 100,300,500,1000 KG (can be customized)
Travel speed 30-45m / min Speed ​​(or custom)
Turning radius The minimum can be up to 500mm (route laying radius)
Navigation accuracy ± 10 mm
Way of working 24 hours
Gradeability 3-5 degrees
Stop Accuracy ± 10 mm
Charging method Manual charging (optional automatic charging)
Battery Maintenance-free rechargeable batteries, the number of continuous discharge> 300 times
Safety sensing range ≤ 3m, adjustable, emergency braking distance of less than 20mm
Human - computer interaction Using touch-screen human-computer interaction, you can easily set the parameters, set the site and alarm.
Use of the environment Indoor temperature: 0 ~ 40 degrees, relative humidity: 40% to 80%
Security Side obstacle detection sensor + mechanical anti-collision mechanism double protection
Design life > 10 years

Two-way drum AGV car manufacturers

AGV car can be widely used in electronics, automobile, chemical, pharmaceutical, logistics and other industries, to achieve logistics automation (AGV), AGV, AGV, AGV, AGV, Application of rapid deployment, thereby saving labor costs, improve production efficiency. More information you can consult factory hotline: 0791-88133135

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